Build The Ultimate Bloody Mary Booze Bar

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There’s no debate… the best early morning booze solution is the Bloody Mary.  So here’s how to set up a kick-ass Bloody Mary bar at your next tailgate.


Tomato juice (or Clamato if you’re making a Caesar)
Lemon juice
Salt & Pepper

*Go crazy: bacon, lemon wedges, celery stalks, pickles spears, olives, cheese squares, lime wedges, pickled beans, okra, Old Bay seasoning – the possibilities are endless but you should offer some combination of these garnishes.


Everyone likes their Bloody Mary a little differently. Putting these items in a well organized, easy-to-grab station makes a Bloody Mary bar not only tasty but smart and fun.

Mason Jars (1 for every garnish that doesn’t come in a jar)

Large Toothpicks

*Chalk board

Optional. Some tailgaters may not be a Bloody Mary connoisseur such as yourself. Make it easy for them and write instructions. These can be simple: 1)Choose glass 2) Pour vodka 3)Garnish inside 4) Pour juice 5) Garnish top 6) Drink!

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