8 perfect gifts for the fisherman in your life

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If there’s a fisherman on your shopping list, gift choices are limitless.

So how do you choose? We’re here to help.

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Even the most hardcore fisherman spends more time NOT fishing than fishing… and he hates that. Bob Rich’s Looking Though Water is both a gripping, fast-paced, hard-to-put-down fishing adventure story, and a wise, big-hearted look at four generations of father/son relationships. The result is nothing less than one hell of a good read! Another reason to buy this book? All proceeds benefit American veterans through Project Healing Waters.  Also follow Bob on his facebook page where he shares fishing thoughts daily.


Fishing is so peaceful except for those metal hooks flying around. The moment a second person boards the boat, everyone’s in the danger zone. Patch up and fish on with this first aid kit– an absolute nautical necessity. And much better than the one that’s been on the boat since 1977.


With this braided fishing line, weeds are barely an obstacle. Pull the boat right to the snag, pop that thing loose, and get back to the action.


All that planning for a perfect day of fishing goes out the window if the weather doesn’t cooperate. With this rain suit, your fisherman basically becomes Aquaman. He’ll almost root for the wet stuff when he’s got one of these in his arsenal.


“One fish. Two fish. How many now? I don’t know. I lost track.” NOT ANYMORE!


This hat will a) keep the sun off your fisherman’s head and b) remind him that, today, the world is perfect.


SONAR is your friend. Here’s a depth finder AND a fish finder… AND it’s battery-powered so it can go from boat to boat. That’s three wins in one package.


Night fishing feels great, sounds great, smells great, and even looks great… until you need to actually see what you hauled into the boat. One of the problems with a regular flashlight is that it’s tough to find without, you know, a flashlight. Strap on this head lamp BEFORE it gets dark. Problem solved.



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