BREAKING: YOUR inground swimming pool sucks

| September 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

So you think your swimming pool is awesome, huh?

Maybe it was… but it’s not anymore.

Not compared to this guy’s pool.


The pool in question is called “The Mountain” and it cost US $2 million to construct.

This man-made aquatic paradise in Springville, Utah, has a grand total of five waterfalls.

Here you can not only swim and jump off the mountain top (with a backflip, if you’re game) but you can also scuba dive, scoot down a water slide or cook a quality meal for your pals.

The hidden water slide measures (almost 60 feet) long and winds through the inside of the mountain before it spits you out through one of the waterfalls. 

Inside the mountain, among the spiderweb of secret tunnels, is a kitchen with granite benchtops, an eight-burner grill and a mini fridge.

The pool was originally built for the owners to practice scuba diving, meaning you have to put on a wetsuit and oxygen tank to touch the bottom, (more than 25 feet) below.

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