Hookers boxing naked for $80

| September 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

How do NYC hookers settle an $80 dispute? Naked boxing, of course.

Three hookers stripped and engaged in a boxing match — complete with a referee and a cameraman — to settle a dispute over money at a Harlem townhouse, sources told The Post.

Two of the 20-something prostitutes, known as Yaya and Indie, had challenged the third hooker, nicknamed Africa, to the bout because they believed that she had swiped $80 from them, sources said.

Africa only agreed to fight after the other two women went along with her request to strip nude, sources said.

“This is how I want to fight,’’ she demanded, according to one source.

The trio’s pimp, Lorenzo Sykes, 52, then filmed the match in the West 145th Street townhouse while his accomplice, Christopher Hudson, 20, played referee, sources said.

How does the story end? Find out here.

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