REPORT: Clooney Floored by Trump Success, Organizing 3rd Party Run

| April 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Just days after hosting a fundraiser for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Hollywood icon George Clooney appears to be gearing up his own run at the presidency.

Sources report that Clooney is troubled by Clinton’s inability to “close the deal” on the Democratic nomination prior to the Convention, and that a weak and damaged candidate is setting up a “perfect storm” for a Trump presidency.

Although Clooney has previously denied an interest in running for office, his family has not shied away from acting on their political ambitions. Clooney’s father, Nick, ran for Congress to represent Kentucky’s notoriously conservative 4th Congressional District as recently as 2004 — and some say that his father’s defeat has become something of an obsession with an actor who has always been concerned about leaving a lasting legacy.

But the tipping point seems to have emerged only in the last few days or weeks, as Clooney and many political insiders have come to grapple with what a Trump Presidency would really mean. Last week on NBC’s Meet The Press, Clooney appeared to be sharpening his general election talking points.

When asked of his opinions on Donald Trump and the Republican campaigns, Clooney said, ” Trump and Cruz are making this a campaign of fear. We have to be afraid of everything. We have to be afraid of refugees. We have to be afraid of Muslims. We have to be afraid of minorities. And the question is and this is an important one, are we really going to be scared of the very things that have made our country great? And if the answer is, “Yes,” then we have history to answer to because we’re not afraid. We are not a country that is afraid and I refuse to accept that.”

When asked why “fear” seems to be working, Clooney went on to say “Because fear’s always worked one way or another. In elections, fear has always been a great — one of the great tools of any election. But the reality is we are not the descendants of fearful people. We’re not. So no, we’re not going to ban Muslims from this country. That’s never going to happen. And we’re not going to go back to torture and we’re not going to kill the families of terrorists or suspected terrorists because that is not who we are. And if we did, our grandparents and their parents would be ashamed of us.”

For years, people have speculated that Clooney’s marriage to the human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin would spur him into greater political activism. But, similar to George W. Bush following in his father’s footsteps, it appears that George Clooney’s own family is the driving force motivating to him enter politics — and on this, the biggest stage of his career.

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