Vegas Money Pouring In on Cleveland Browns to Win AFC North

| April 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about the Cleveland Browns going full-on “tank mode” for the upcoming season, but it appears somebody knows something in the big shiny desert.

Over the past few weeks, the Cleveland Browns have seen their odds to win the AFC North improve significantly and that fact hasn’t gone unnoticed to industry insiders.

“To see such a significant move in odds takes some serious money by serious and respected bettors.” Said Carter Havington, long time sportsbook director at Westgold Resort & Casino. “We haven’t seen this kind of support for the Browns in years… maybe ever.”

Professional bettors have some theories on what they think is moving the needle in favor of the Browns.

“They’re the first team in the NFL to start using advanced analytical analysis as a primary decision-making tool,” said professional handicapper Donnie Santucci. “If they’re committed to the philosophy, it’s bound to produce results.”

“We’re hearing encouraging and, quite frankly, shocking, things out of the Cleveland camp about just how good Robert Griffin looks in drills,” said another handicapper who preferred to go unnamed.

This is setting up to be a classic “sharp” versus “square” opinion divide. Much of the NFL world seems to think the Browns are once again destined for the basement but the sharp money seems to see value with the Dawgs.

We’ll lean with the sharp money and throw some dough on the Browns.

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