The PRO-TRUMP Protest Signs the Biased Liberal Media Isn’t Showing You

| January 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

If you turn on your TV, you can’t escape it. There’s been constant media coverage of anti-Trump protests. From Women’s March on Washington, to those protesting the Muslim Ban, crowds have been gathering in force. And with every crowd has been the endless publishing and social sharing of cute and witty protest signs.

But what about those that support Trump? And their signs? Why aren’t they getting any coverage?

Biased. Liberal. Media. That’s why. Or should we just call them Libtards?

Well fair IS fair. Here at the 10 best Pro-Trump support signs on the internet.

1 - A man and his sign.

2 - Show that “TrumpSpirit” ladies!  YAAAAAAAYYY!!!!

3 - Libards should just STEP OFF my man Trump Already!

4 - They fooled the Libs with this sign really good!

5 - Friends For Life!

6- Those who hate climate science…  LOVE THEM SOME TRUMP!

7 - These GOP operatives are thinking meta.

8 - 11 Libs might as well raise the white flag. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!


12 - Trump’s message is clear and strong!

13 - Who doesn’t love an Ass Eater?

Trump. Trump. Trump!




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